Wednesday, June 16, 2010

what were the writers thinking???

Mr. BikeMan has been house hunting, so I had the Netflix streaming queue to myself this week. I had heard buzz that the BBC-produced series, Robin Hood was very fun to watch (here's link to Season 2). Once I started watching, I just couldn't stop. I watched 26 episodes in 4 days. (Wow....that's a lot of streaming.) The show itself is pretty silly, often cheesy, but just so entertaining. The actors are appealing: the bad guys are really really bad (Richard Armitage is chillingly conflicted as Sir Guy), and the heroes are really really good (Robin is just, well, so darn cute in a school-girl crush sort of way). It was rather PC in places, and purposefully modernized. The costumes are silly -- no woman of the gentry from c. 11oo would wear pants with camo duster over the top. Sir Guy wears a black leather suit that looks like the pipe-covered uniform that the Borg wore in Star Trek: The Next Generation. In one episode, Lady Marian was practicing what appeared to be Tai Chi.

But....if you don't want to be spoiled, don't read on, because honestly, it's a great series. Well that is Seasons 1 and 2 are great. When the girls are a bit older, they'll think it's a kick (it's really clean, and the fighting is bloodless). So, here's the spoiler.......

......the writers of this show must have lost their minds, because Marian is murdered at the very end of season 2 by Sir Guy. Whaaaaaaa????? Robin without Marian? You don't mess with 1000+ years of legend. There's a Season 3. I'm not watching. Lame.

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