Monday, March 22, 2010

res ipsa loquitor

Look very closely at my friend the "Thai Rhino Beetle". In true homeschooling fashion, another homeschooling Mom from halfway across the country asked me to send the beetle to her. Her son is collecting bugs for a 4H project. I dutifully scooped up the bug along with some rice so as to keep it intact in its final resting place, so I never actually touched the thing.

Well today, this is what I got back today...a picture of the beetle with CHINA stamped on the belly. Yep. I was terrified of a toy plastic beetle. But the question remains: WHY in the world would anyone put this in a bag of rice? Just to scare the crud out of someone halfway around the world? Well, they were successful.

I'm sure I'll laugh about this....someday.

And if you're wondering, res ipsa loquitor is legalese for "the thing speaks for itself" like a bloody knife at a crime scene doesn't need an explanation if it's found in the hand of the perpetrator.


Kirsten said...

Ha! That's funny... STRANGE, but funny!

The 5 Rohrers said...

That is SO I would have felt like crying (or throwing up) when I found it, too.

matt n karisa said...

Maybe it's their version of the "prize" in the cereal box. Little did you know that you were supposed to eagerly dig deeply into the rice to find it and be wildly excited (in a positive way) at seizing your great fortune! ;)

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