Friday, March 19, 2010

does she know something we don't?

Just a few days ago, the girls' little neighbor friend shared her Cheez Whiz in a Can with them...Ingrid has been talking about it ever since. While we don't usually buy a ton of processed foods, to prove I am not a complete grocery shrew, today I brought those little Ritz crackers sandwiches with "cheese".

The girls were SOOOOO excited when I opened the box for their afternoon snack. Ingrid exclaimed, "Mommy! MMMMMM! It's the cheese wax like my friend [....] had the other day!"

1 comment:

matt n karisa said...

Too cute! It's so funny how discriminating (only NOT) kids can be. I remember the days when white bread was DELISH...ummm, no thank you. What a cutie she is. :)

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