Sunday, September 13, 2009

world's brightest birthday cake

Today is my birthday! I really love my birthday, and I am happy that I am of the age which I have attained. Some of you know that Chad and I are birthday neighbors. He is about 24 hours older than I. Per his request, I baked him chocolate chip cookies. But I MUST have birthday cake. It's my thing. Usually I bake my own with loving care. Last year I even made real buttercream - the real way - with sugar syrup streamed into slowly cooking eggs simmering in a double boiler, then whipping in tons and tons of butter. But this year I just wanted to go down to the store and buy a grocery store cake. Nothing fancy, just white cake, white frosting. Maybe a few tasteful sprinkles or simple grocery store-style flowers. Nope. The frosting choices were as follows: neon blue with yellow frosting trim, traffic cone orange with electric blue trim, or alien green with fuchsia accents. I went with the green and pink, plus got beeeeauuutiful Tinkerbell rings as a bonus -- two for each girl.

So, Happy Birthday To ME!!!


Shannon said...

Belated Happy Birthday! Nice choice on the birthday cake! Thanks again for the lovely blanket for Avery...we love - love - love it!

Kirsten said...

it's an AWESOME cake! and i bet your girls love, love, loved it!!! glad you got a cake - even if you were glowing a little after you ate it!

Kellie said...

Oh! I am so sorry I missed this! I love birthdays! Both my own and others.

I pray this next year is a good one. Filled with blessings, and hope, and the joy of Christ.
And I pray that at this time next year you can say with great awe and excitement that you love Jesus even more than you do today!

Love you friend!

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