Saturday, September 5, 2009

a few things we did this long labor day weekend


...ate pears while standing next to a giant pear, wearing pear green.

...made lots and lots of cute baby shower invitations. Lots of them. And...

...watched a gusher of a thunderstorm dump inches of rain and even dime-sized hail.


Joy said...

Love pear green and what a sweetie wearing it and modeling for the picture.
We need a good soaker like that.
What cute shower invitations.
Are you hosting?


stephanie j. said...

Pear green is one of my favorites, too. (well, any shade of green really!) When I saw her grab that pear, I just HAD to snap a picture...too cute.

Thanks re: the invites. Yes, I'm hosting the shower in a few weeks. I wanted to post a pic of the inside, too -- there are three little starfish in different shades of marine hues blowing bubbles -- but too much personal info was in there :) The mommy is having twin boys, and it's an "under the sea" theme.

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