Wednesday, December 24, 2008

our christmas eve adventure

Have we got a story to tell this year! We were driving home from Christmas Eve services at church and noticed a very poor driver in front of us. Ever since Chad's accident (he was hit by a car while riding his bike home from work), he has been observant of drivers who stray into the bike lane. Picture this: it is a mid-80's era big old white Cadillac, with a driver who is so short that we couldnt' even see her through the back window. Well, this driver wasn't just straying into the bike lane, she was going 20 in a 55 mph zone, drifting, braking constantly, weaving, and at one point went across 3 lanes of traffic on one of the busiest streets in town.

Chad called 911 to report the dangerous driver and kept close to her for about 8 miles southbound. Then she did a U-turn (legally) and headed back northbound about 8 miles. Then she U-turned again and headed back southbound another 8 miles. Chad called the PD a second time to give an update. At this point, it was about 7:00. Church had dismissed at 6:15, the girls are really hungry and anxious for Christmas Eve at home, but quite interested in "the emergency" that was happening (Ingrid's interpretation -- the girl loves drama). So we stopped and parked and waited. We live on a road that dead-ends at the desert, so if she was coming behind us, she had nowhere to go. Well, here she came. She pulled over in front of us. (Eeek!) Chad pulled up, rolled down my window and we asked if she was okay.

She said, "NO! I'm SOOOO lost! I'm not drunk, I'm not on drugs, I'm just really lost trying to find my cousin's house for Christmas Eve!" She appeared to be about 80. Chad introduced himself and disclosed that he was an Air Force major (this might have eased some of her fears that we weren't a family of axe murderers). She then, to our surprise asked, "would you drive me home?" So Chad drove her home, and I followed behind. Alllll the way back up north about 15 miles. To the ritzy side of town. The ____ Country Club Estates part of town. The part of town where it takes $1 million to make a down payment on a house. One house had at least 250 luminaria outlining their giant circular driveway and the roofline of their flat-roofed home. Another home was hosting a Christmas Eve party -- the kind where the home decorations have been professionally "installed" and everyone in attendance is in gowns and tuxes.

So, Chad called the cousin to let her know that her cousin was safe and sound at home. Turns out the lady is only 60, has lived here for about 20 years, and just doesn't like driving at night.

I'm glad it was us, and not some real axe murderer family that found her.

The Lord is good! I hope that we showed her the love of Christ on this Christmas Eve.

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matt n karisa said...

Hmmm, that comment seems off-topic... ;)

I'm glad it all ended well!

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