Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The human body is very adaptable

We formerly lived in one of the coldest places in North America...not unusual to be sub-zero for weeks on end in January. It was 110 this weekend in Almost Mexico, AND we knew we had to finish our backyard before the upcoming "monsoon" season. (We have this weather phenomenon called the "monsoon" every summer -- no, we don't live in Bali.) It can be perfectly sunny and 110 at noon, and multiple inches of rain dumped down at 4:00 pm, then clear again by 6:00.

We put down 11 tons of "desert brown" 3/8ths inch crushed rock in our backyard this weekend. Surprisingly, it looks really nice -- very finished and groomed. We have a couple of trees, some soft grasses and pretty boulders. Anyway, we had the rock dumped in our driveway on Thursday morning (it was well over 100 that day), schlepped rock Thursday, Friday and Saturday. But we are done!

All of this to say, the human body is very adaptable to climate change. Both of us were surpisingly un-uncomfortable...as long as we kept drinking water.

The best thing about a rock backyard is the new little kiddie pool for the girls -- no grass clippings on their feet, or mud tracked into the house. It's the little things that put a smile on a mom's face.

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