Friday, June 13, 2008

Goin' to the "libarry"/Whoo hoo Daddy's Home!

Yesterday, Mama took the girlies to the local library for the preschool "reading" hour. It's more like controlled havoc. I sat back and watched with the hope that my beloved little girls (4 and 2 years old) would actually listen to the (silly) story that was being read -- which no one could hear above the din. There always seems to be that one kid who is totally out of control, and his/her parent is oblivious to this fact, or just doesn't care; I think it is usually the case that this parent is soooooo worn out because this is Johnny's normal mode of operation and they are just ignoring it.

What do bean bag games have to do with reading hour? Or singing the "peanut butter and jam" song? I dunno. But my girls actually participated this time, which is better than last week.

The great thing about the library, though is it is nice and cool. That's important here in Almost Mexico (thanks to my wonderful friends V & K for that phrase, pertaining to the northern border in their case) where it is going to be 101 today and 106 tomorrow.

We did manage to get out alive with 19 children's books and a few DVDs of varying quality and a copy of "The Road" for me -- I'm scared to read it though, after Hubby described his experience with the book. He really felt it was a great read but bleak, bloody and scary.

Last night, we sat on the curb and waited for Daddy to come home. Ingrid met him at the corner and escorted him home. I'm so glad he rides his bike to work. As of today, gas is $3.79 a gallon.

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