Wednesday, March 16, 2011

update on Mr. BikeMan

So... why do you think I have this look on my face? And why is Ilsa hiding? Read on..

The scene:
The surgeon's office.

The event:
The impending removal of Chad's wound packing.

There's a video of the actual event, but only for the very stout of heart. View at your own risk. This is your final warning! Mu ha ha ha ha ha! But it is strangely compelling and morbidly fascinating as well. Sort of reminds me of a magician pulling an unending scarf out of his fist.

We did learn some troubling things about the infection, though. Apparently, once you have staph, you have staph. It may be controlled, but it is never fully eradicated. It can be triggered by another illness or injury. Chad wasn't so happy to hear this news. He's off of work several more weeks, and catching up on reading, White Horse Inn podcasts, and other fun stuff.

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